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STR Cleaning Services

Airbnb Cleaning Services for Charlotte and Raleigh Regions

Turnover Cleaning

and Staging

Our team will clean and stage your home after every guest. Turnover cleanings include cleaning of all rooms & bathrooms, floors, all surfaces, and standard cleaning of appliances.

Minor Maintenance

You shouldn't need to call the handyman for small things, such as basic unclogging, air filters, light-bulbs, batteries, etc. We can alert you if any items need attention, and with your approval, we can handle it while we are there!

Photo Service

Our cleaning team will do a walk-through of the property before and after every cleaning and provide pictures so you always have proof of the condition your property was given to a guest.

Re-Stock Supplies

The clean team is your boots on the ground for your Airbnb. We can monitor your stock levels and make supply runs when things are running low.

Laundry Service

We take care of the laundering of your linens and towels. Our goal is to complete this on-site, but we are prepared to take any items off-site to finish the job.

Special Services

  • Mid-Stay Cleanings

  • Deep Cleanings

  • Trash Service

  • Runner (Guest Requests)


Resort Cleaning

It's time to modernize cleaning.
The Resort Cleaning App will be your command center for all of your properties. You will be able to access property pictures, get damage or maintenance alerts, track cleaning status, and make payments to the team.

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